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If your looking for a Structural Steel Detailer then you come to the right place. Our team of Steel detailers have the expertise to provide easy to read and affordable steel fabrication drawings. We only use local Australian draftsman and believe communication is the key to success. With over 20 years of drafting experience in our team, coupled with use of today’s advanced technologies, enables ALM Steel Drafting & Design to assist you in achieving your steel fabrication design and construction goals. Fabricators, engineers, architects and general contractors seeking to get the job done call on us to provide the drafting experience that enhances and supports the use of today’s computerised detailer technologies. We join the skilled application of those technologies with the human factor – the trained eye for detail that detects hotspots and identifies potential problems before they become reality. Specialising in review and enhancement of computer-originated plans and drawings, we will help you to troubleshoot challenges while they are still on the drawing board. Specialise in steel drafting services for steel fabricators located in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and Brisbane. We also do Rebar Detailing & Scheduling for multiple companies across Australia . With a team of local staff we can offer you great services for steel detailing. We work closely with your architects, engineers, home builders and structural steel fabricators. We follow the guidelines set by Australian Steel standards. Using only the best Software i.e: 3D BIM modelling software Tekla, Prosteel and Auto Cad. We make sure you get the professional craftsmanship you need to get the job done.

Structural Steel Detailing, Shop Drawings

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